Getting started

Recharge offers a built-in integration with Shopify via the Shopify App Store that makes it easy to offer subscription and recurring billing to customers.

What can I build?

The following are some examples of customizations you can make with the Recharge/Shopify integration

  • Manipulate the way the Recharge works in a store by modifying the Liquid templates in a theme
  • Add CSS to change the styling of the subscription widget

Dawn Theme incompatible with Recharge Checkout on Shopify

As of June 29, 2020 all Shopify development stores have Dawn set as the default theme. Dawn is not compatible with Recharge Checkout on Shopify at this time. To use Recharge with your Shopify development store, switch to the Debut default theme.

The Dawn theme is supported by the Shopify Checkout Integration.



Customizations contained in these guides are outside of our scope of Recharge support. We recommend you work with a developer to implement any advanced functionality.

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