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Getting started with Recharge

About Recharge Docs

This site is for developers who want to expand a Recharge integration using our APIs and other software tools. You'll find overviews, tutorials and step-by-step guides you can use to achieve additional functionality for your store.

  • If you already know what you're building, view the existing API reference.

What is Recharge?

Recharge empowers eCommerce developers to unlock subscriptions and recurring billing for their customers. Integrate Recharge to any storefront experience using our REST APIs. Some examples of what you can do with Recharge are:

  • Incorporate subscription functionality to your current eCommerce platform via API.
  • Integrate with BigCommerce and customize the look and feel of your subscription features.
  • Programmatically update customer subscription via your application.

Support documentation

For more information on using Recharge's out-of-the-box integration with Shopify, visit our Help Center.



Customizations contained in these guides are outside of our scope of support. We recommend you work with a developer to implement any advanced customizations.

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Getting started with Recharge

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