Making an API request to the Recharge API requires these steps:

Creating an API token

  1. Navigate to Integrations in the top navigation bar and click on API tokens on the right-hand corner of the dashboard.

API token menu

3. On the following page, click **Create an API Token** in the top right to generate a new token for your store.

Please make sure to fill in both name and contact. The contact email is used to contact you in case of issues


Making the request

  1. Add the following header to your API client. You can also make a request to our API by setting up your credentials and headers in Postman.

X-Recharge-Access-Token: *YOUR_API_TOKEN*

  1. Make a GET request to https://api.rechargeapps.com with your token populated in the header.

If you prefer to make a request to the Recharge Addresses API using cURL, paste the following example in the command line interface, replacing the text **YOUR TOKEN HERE** with your Recharge API Token.
curl https://api.rechargeapps.com/addresses -H 'X-Recharge-Access-Token: YOUR TOKEN HERE' -H 'Accept: application/json'

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