read_productsRequired to read products record.
write_productsRequired to write to the products record.

What is a Product?

Products are the items tied to a subscription in Recharge. If using an external catalog such as Shopify or BigCommerce, the Product resource contains information about the item in the remote catalog.

Within the product resource, you can set the charge frequency for that item, the day in a month to charge a customer, and more.

"Product catalog" versus Products endpoint

The Recharge product catalog is where data about each item in your external catalog is stored within our system. With our direct integrations, Recharge automatically pulls information such as price, variant, SKU, etc. into our product catalog at the time a user creates a Product in the Merchant Portal. If you're using our API integration, you need to manually add your inventory to the product catalog.

The products endpoint contains the subscription settings associated to a catalog product.

Subscriptions and products

In the Recharge Merchant Portal you can create products with subscription rules. Although you can create products by passing the collection_id, it is not recommended. Set the following fields when creating products via API, as rulesets will one day be deprecated. The following fields are required: charge_interval_frequency, order_interval_frequency_options, order_interval_unit and storefront_purchase_options.

Products FAQ

Is it possible to totally rework product/variant setup and migrate all subscriptions to update product/variant IDs?

Yes it is, if you email our support via email [email protected] we can give you the steps to bulk update product_id + variant_id.

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