Confirming the subscription-cart-footer.liquid file is up-to-date

In January 2021, Shopify released an update that impacted Recharge’s cart-to-checkout functionality. Affected merchants experienced an issue preventing customers from reaching the checkout and placing orders. Recharge worked with merchants to update the subscription cart assets for their stores.

The following solution can be used to prevent this behavior and will require JavaScript customization. . Refer to our guide Create Checkout with Shopify Storefront Cart to manually update your theme files.

You can follow the steps below to confirm you're successfully sending cart contents to Recharge's checkout.


This guide goes through how to confirm if the upgrade was successful. This guide does not provide directions on upgrading the subscription-cart-footer.liquid file. Follow our guide if you do need to upgrade your theme.
You will need to access your browser's Network Tools to perform this test. Follow the set of instructions associated to your browser:

1. Access a product page

Navigate to a subscription product on your Shopify storefront.
Open your browser's Network Tools then add the product to the cart. This will either trigger a pop-up modal alerting the user the item was added to cart, or redirect you straight to checkout. If you are redirected to checkout, skip to Step 3.


2. Navigate to checkout

If you were not redirected to the checkout in Step 1, navigate to the cart page and proceed to checkout.

Skip this step if you were redirected to the checkout in Step 1.



You must be on the first step of checkout for the Network Tools to successfully work.

3. Confirm activity using the Network tools

Return to the Network Tool. There should now be additional information available.
Enter /checkout?myshopify_domain into the Filter input to narrow down the required result.


Click on the filtered item under the Name column. Additional information about the selected item will appear. Select the Headers tab to access additional information about the item.


Confirm the Request Method in the General sections of the Headers file.

  • If the Request Method isPOST, the subscription cart assets were successfully updated.

  • If the Request Method is GET, the update failed and must be performed again.


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