Bundles allows you use one SKU to bundle multiple products to create a “build-your-own-box” experience. Customize the subscription settings to offer bundles as one-time products and/or subscriptions, and include add-ons or extras. This article covers an overview of Recharge Bundles.



  • Shopify Checkout Integration
  • Recharge Checkout on Shopify

Bundles use-cases

Bundles is compatible with Shopify stores only, for stores that want to offer either a customizable “build-your-own-box” experience or a fixed bundle with pre-selected items. Merchants also have the ability to offer add-ons or extras to the first delivery only, or for all subsequent deliveries.

Example use-cases:

  • A meal plan box where a subscriber can select the meals they will receive each week while paying the same static price.
  • A wine company with a wine club that offers a bundle of three, six, or nine wine bottles, providing a discount for purchasing several bottles at one time. This could be a fixed bundle, with pre-selected wines, or the merchant can give the customer the option to customize the bundle by selecting their preferred wine.

How Bundles works



Refer to Recharge's Help Center documentation on Bundles for more information on how it works and the types of bundles that are offered.

When purchased, only the bundle product will appear in the cart. The bundle contents are not shown at cart level as individual products.

Once the order is processed, the order will display the selected items in the bundle as $0.00 items in the order breakdown on Shopify alongside the bundle product with the charge for the order



If you are using an Order Management System (OMS), ensure this setup is compatible. If the OMS pulls the order information immediately when the order is placed, it is best practice to adjust the sync configuration by a few minutes to update after a few minutes so that the Bundles breakdown can be updated.


Bundles does have a few limitations to consider:

  • Multi-currency - Fixed-price bundles are not compatible with multi-currency orders.
  • Local delivery - Only dynamically-priced customizable bundles are compatible with local delivery. All bundle types are compatible with local pickup orders. See Local Delivery and Pickup for more information on how to enable these settings.
  • Customer portal location: Hosted by Recharge - The Bundles customer portal widget is only compatible with customer portals that are embedded in the storefront. See Understanding the customer portal for more information.
  • Draft orders - Draft orders and any other orders placed outside of Shopify's Online Store sales channel are not supported.
  • Third-party applications - Most third-party applications are compatible with Bundles if the app doesn’t modify the add-to-cart behavior or impact fulfillment. We recommend running a test bundle order to ensure the third-party app is compatible.
  • Partial order fulfillment - Bundles are currently incompatible with the partial order fulfillment feature.

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