Getting started

Recharge API lets you use subscription functionality with your existing e-commerce tech stack, or platform of choice. Using our robust API you can seamlessly display Recharge subscription options on any frontend, process checkout and send orders.



Please ensure you have reviewed the API Standards and Security principles before using the API.


Recharge makes data from your product catalog available on the front end. You need to create products in Recharge and sync their data with that of your own external product catalog in order to process subscription orders. Recharge handles managing subscription plan information associated with those products. If you want to offer subscriptions for a product, you must create that product in the Recharge product catalog.


Use Recharge product data, available via CDN to build your own subscription widget and display information about subscription products. The CDN data includes a JSON object containing product information, as well as Recharge storefront settings. Create flexible PDPs that fit customers' needs.


The Checkout component of your Recharge integration is how you will process a customer's initial recurring subscription purchase. Recharge offers three approaches to checkout:

  1. Recharge hosts a fully PCI-compliant checkout environment.
  2. Recharge's Checkouts API lets you create your own checkout environment for customers.
  3. You can own the checkout process and sync subscription information back to Recharge after you've processed a checkout via an external system.

Backend Processing

Once an order is processed via Recharge, you will need to sync this data so that it is simultaneously reflected in your external system. We provide webhooks your application can listen for when an event occurs in the Recharge system. See Webhooks Overview. Your application can then take action based on the data contained in our webhooks service payload.

Merchant and Customer Portals

The Recharge Merchant Portal lets you configure your Recharge store's settings and manually edit customers, subscription products and more.

The Customer Portal is where customers interact with their Recharge subscriptions and alter them at their convenience. They can edit subscription frequency, view purchase history, updating billing information and more.

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