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Customizing the subscription widget

You can harness the functionality of the ReCharge subscription widget by adding specific CSS classes to your BigCommerce theme. Adding these CSS classes in various places within a theme add specific ReCharge functionality to that section of a theme.

The ReCharge widget works with several themes out of the box. If you're using a custom theme and want to control the look and feel of the subscription widget and add in the same functionality, you see the below articles for more information.


This section will explain the following for each area of the ReCharge integration for BigCommerce:

  • CSS classes that need to be present to pull in ReCharge content onto the front end
  • The data generated through these CSS elements
  • The functionality these elements provide

ReCharge injects content into 2 key places in a BigCommerce theme. See the following articles to learn how to create the following functionality with CSS classes:

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Customizing the subscription widget

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