Checkout overview

When a customer checks out on BigCommerce with a Recharge product, there are several steps that occur behind the scenes.

  1. When a customer clicks on add-to-cart, the front end detects whether a product is a Recharge subscription product using the Product Data script.
  2. The Recharge App Script replaces the existing BigCommerce checkout button with a redirect to ReCharge checkout with the item's information, plus any non-subscription product information when a subscription item is in the cart. For more information about this flow, see Recharge-Hosted Checkout.

Redirecting to checkout

Recharge redirects customers to one of two different checkout depending on what type of item is in the customer's cart.

The following table shows which checkout a customer is sent to depending on what type of item is in their cart.

Cart contents


Recurring product

Recharge checkout

Recurring product AND non-Recharge product

Recharge checkout

Recharge product and Onetime Recharge product

Recharge checkout

Non-Recharge product

BigCommerce checkout

Onetime Recharge product

BigCommerce checkout

Onetime Recharge product and non-Recharge product

BigCommerce checkout

For information on the Recharge checkout and using the built-in customization options, see Customizing the Recharge checkout.

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