Add pause subscription feature to legacy theme

If your store is using Novum v5.1.0, the pause subscription feature will be enabled by default. Stores using a legacy theme such as Novum v4.2 will need to add a code block in the Theme Editor files. This guide will go over how to add the pause subscription code to a legacy theme.

Add pause subscription asset

  1. Navigate to your merchant portal, click Storefront and select Theme Editor.
  2. Select Edit code on the intended theme and scroll to Add new file.
  3. Name file _pause_options_list.html and click Add file.
  1. Add this code block to your new file:
<h4 class="text-center">
    {{ 'cp_cancel_pause_subscription_message' | t }}
<div id="rc_pause_options_list">
<h1> testing <h1/>
  1. Click Save.

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