December 2021 - Customer portal release notes

Release notes: novum_v4.0.0

In this new version we are taking the full power of the new Recharge Payment Methods (RCPM) to the customer portal. This new version will support the new RCPM ie the ability to store multiple payment methods for a customer.

We are releasing 2 new resource sets: Payment Methods and Shipping to allow customers to easily manage their Payment Methods and choose which Payment Method is associated with which Address.

  • Payment Methods routes

Payment Methods routes allow to surface and maintain a customer's payment methods.

Which includes:

  • Listing Payment Methods
  • Surface a specific Payment Method raw information
  • Editing billing address
  • Editing card details securely
  • Shipping routes

Shipping routes allow to surface and maintain payment method's allocation to Addresses.

Which includes:

  • Listing Address and their default Payment Methods
  • Switching the default Payment Method on an Address
  • Create a new Address and select its default Payment Method
  • Delete an Address

More details on those routes in Theme Engine Reference



Novum 4.0.0 is not yet available to stores on Shopify opened prior to August 2021 unless they have already migrated to RCPM

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