August 2022 - novum_v4.2.0 release notes

Recharge is excited to announce new changes to novum_v4.2.0. Changes were implemented based on merchant feedback Recharge received in the past few months. Recharge is committed to delivering an improved UX based on real user suggestions. See Recharge Theme Engine for more information.

The latest novum_v4.2.0 release contained the following changes:

Multiple Payment Methods

You can now do the following with Multiple Payment Methods:

  • Decouple shipping addresses and payment methods, allowing customers to edit both separately
  • Move subscriptions between payment methods and shipping addresses
  • Group subscriptions by shipping address and payment method
  • Move all subscriptions to another payment method with the click of a button

Auto-renewal law updates

Recharge has made UI changes and provided tools so that you can be compliant with the Automatic Renewal Law:

  • Added the “optional” watermark in the “comment” field of the second slider of the cancelation process, ensuring customers know it is not mandatory to fill it out
  • Updated the “Select a reason for canceling your subscription” title on the cancelation slider to include “optional” at the end (Only visible when the “Make cancelation reasons optional” setting option is enabled)
  • Configured the “Next” button so that it is available without a customer having to select any cancelation reason (Only occurs when the “Make cancelation reasons optional” setting option is enabled)

Force Shopify customer account logins

The following customer account login updates were made:

  • Added the ability to require customers to log in to their Shopify Accounts
  • Updated the theme files to include the code snippets required to support the Force Shopify customer account logins setting for Shopify stores using Recharge's embedded customer portal

See Understanding the customer portal for information about forcing Shopify customer account logins.


The Bundles widget is available out of the box with novum_v4.2.0. The Theme Engine API docs will be updated soon to reflect Bundles.

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